Various - sci-fi level 1.1

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Each time one levels up, they have the option to modify skills but not primary statistics . They can also gain special perks . Therefore, the player character becomes stronger and better with each level gained.

The first Digimon anime introduces the Digimon life cycle : they age in a similar fashion to real living organisms, but do not die under normal circumstances because they are made of reconfigurable data. Old Digimon and Digimon who receive fatal wounds dissolve into infinitesimal bits of data. The data then recomposes itself as a Digi-Egg, and the Digimon goes through its life cycle again. Digimon who are reincarnated in this way will sometimes retain some or all their memories of their previous lifespan. However, if a Digimon's data is "downloaded" as demonstrated in Digimon Tamers , in which all the data of a dying Digimon is absorbed by another, or if the data is completely deleted or destroyed, as happens in Digimon Data Squad , it will permanently die. In special cases, some Digimon do not get reincarnated despite their data still existing. A famous example is the Wizardmon in Digimon Adventure , whose data remains in the Real World following his death and thus is not reconfigured.

Various - Sci-Fi Level 1.1Various - Sci-Fi Level 1.1Various - Sci-Fi Level 1.1Various - Sci-Fi Level 1.1